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Bella Vita Medical Center
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Consent notified in the citizen e-box!


Since the beginning of 2021, the eHealth Platform has informed us that patients are notified via the citizen e-box of any change in the status of their consent by a third party.

This means that if a healthcare professional records a patient's consent to the sharing of their health data when they have not yet consented, this patient will receive a message in their citizen e-box notifying them of this change. 
This consent status and its history can be consulted by each patient, on his private portal of the Brussels Health Network, in the tab "my Consent".



-More than 1.4 million e-boxes are activated in Belgium and this figure is constantly increasing.
- The e-box is more secure than a simple email but less secure than an end-to-end encrypted e-box such as the one used by healthcare providers to share health data.