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St-Elisabeth site - Uccle
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St-Michel site - Etterbeek
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Bella Vita Medical Center
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New relaxation and well-being area

New relaxation and well-being area

A new relaxation and well-being area dedicated to cancer patients has been opened in the oncology unit of the Ste-Elisabeth site. These facilities constitute a “haven of peace” where patients can regain their energy away from the bustle and the noise, or enjoy a peaceful break.

It was created to offer a friendly space, away from the hospital room, to the patient and his/her relatives, but also to healthcare professionals of the multidisciplinary team of the EurHope Cancer Care Centre.

A sports corner has also been prepared to maintain fitness levels, which is essential for any person following an oncological treatment.

A rest and relaxation corner is also included, where patients can listen to music and relax in the massage chair

There is also a lounge corner, designed to bolster family ties, where the patient and relatives can watch TV or share a meal.

This space also allows families to share the more important moments, such as birthday parties, and it also caters to families of a patient who is no longer able to leave the room, or is nearing the end of his/her life, and for whom a place of contemplation is necessary.

Doctors can also come here to be alone with relatives to broach more painful subjects. 

Healthcare professionals from every field, social assistants, liaison nurses, dieticians, beauticians, or psychologists can develop a more intimate and discrete contact than in a two-bed room.

The oncology department, supported in its work by the general management, pursues its goal to combine human and customised accompaniment with high-quality medical care.