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OnComfort: virtual reality in interventional cardiology


After the emergency, oncology and dialysis departments, it is now the turn of the interventional cardiology department to start using an OnComfort virtual reality headset. These headsets help to manage patients' anxiety and pain through clinical hypnosis.

The first patient was very positive: "It was perfect. Without it, they would have had to give me medication, because I'm always very stressed." He was fitted with a pacemaker using a special technique, which is quite time consuming and requires the patient to remain still. In some cases it is even necessary to use a general anaesthetic. "I didn't feel anything, just like a shot. And I won't have to suffer the side effects of a general anaesthetic", he added before leaving the room.
Dr Van Acker, the rhythmologist who initiated the project, was delighted: the patient was much calmer than usual, moved much less and did not complain once: "It was great!"

Nadège Olela, the head nurse of the cardiology department, and Quentin Ferron, the nurse on the ward that day, are very enthusiastic about this new tool, which clearly contributes to improving the patient's well-being.
The Europe Hospitals will now continue to deploy the OnComfort headsets in other departments.