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Our Diversity Plan


Diversity, in all its dimensions, is a fundamental value at the Europe Hospitals. 

We are convinced that gender, origin, age, sexual orientation, philosophy of life or disability are elements that are part of our individuality and the strength of our teams. This is why the Europe Hospitals have established a diversity plan in collaboration with Actiris. Find out here what our hospital will do to further strengthen diversity within our hospital! 

New colleagues  
In our job advertisements it is stated that diversity is a fundamental value within our hospital. We would therefore like to encourage as many candidates as possible to apply to the Europe Hospitals. In addition, we would like to find a solution for the integration of less qualified people. We do this in collaboration with Actiris' Select service and other actors in the employment and training sector in Brussels. 

The online tool eDiv is an absolute must for anyone involved in the recruitment and coaching of new staff. E-Div allows you to find out more about anti-discrimination laws in accessible terms: our HR managers, business partners and all others involved in the selection and recruitment process are invited to use this tool. 



Continuous learning  
The Europe Hospitals organise training courses on diversity management and provide intervision moments to exchange practical experiences. Our language courses can also be useful for learning how to communicate openly and in front of a wide audience. Our trusted persons are invited to attend formal anti-discrimination training and can be accredited as a trusted person. 

Finally, the Europe Hospitals aim to develop a culture of co-creation between the different generations. On one hand, we want to value the person near the pension within our walls and, on the other hand, we want to facilitate the integration of the person who succeeds him/her. Training courses will also be organised on this subject. 


Would you like to take part? 
Do you have a question about diversity or an idea to promote diversity in our hospitals? Do not hesitate for a second and send an e-mail to diversite@cdle.be