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Slipping into the skin of an elderly person

Slipping into the skin of an elderly person

For the purpose of a project aimed at raising welfare awareness, the Programme of Geriatric Care of the Europe Hospitals offers to its teams the opportunity of slipping into the skin of an elderly person with an ageing simulator, to better feel and understand the day-to-day life of an elderly person.

As we know, with age the physiological reserves start running low, muscular strength weakens, and joint pains begin. This can seriously reduce the quality of life of a fragile elderly person. 

The healthcare teams of the Europe Hospitals, using an empathy-based approach, endeavour to better understand what our patients feel when faced with these challenges, and there is no better way of achieving this than to step into their shoes to better comprehend what they are going through! 

With this ageing simulator, the Programme of Geriatric Care offers its multidisciplinary teams the opportunity of experiencing some of these difficulties. Participants wear suits that limit their movements, weigh down their bodies, generate static balance issues, reduce eyesight, and muffle sounds... By feeling age-induced deficits, the participant has no choice but to adopt the compensations and the rhythm of an elderly person. A simple day-to-day action such as pouring water into a glass becomes a real hurdle.

By sharing experiences, the goal of these sessions is to encourage healthcare professionals of the Europe Hospitals to think about their work practices and to adopt the reflexes and small gestures that can add to the quality of life as they take care of elderly persons every day.