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Identity cards: the right reflex to have in hospital

Identity cards: the right reflex to have in hospital

Hospital admission? A medical emergency? A doctor's appointment? Don't forget to take your identity card and those of your children with you to the hospital.

For adults, this is the Belgian electronic identity card (eID) or the electronic foreign national's card; for children, it is the Kids-ID or ISI+ card.

The electronic identity card guarantees a smooth welcome and registration, with no administrative hassle. As a patient, you can be sure that you are correctly identified: the identity card gives you access to your data and information relating to your treatment.

You can also avoid having to pay a large proportion of the medical costs in advance. The mutual insurance company will then pay the hospital directly for the costs reimbursed by the INAMI.

If, as a patient, you are not in possession of your electronic identity card at the time of consultation or admission, there are alternatives for the hospital to verify your identity, such as a vignette from the mutualité or the Itsme app.