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Since 1999, Dr Christophe Assenmacher has been at the head of the urology unit.

It includes five urological surgeons and two assistants (UCL – KUL). Each doctor specialises in a sub-field of urology, which allows the unit to offer the best possible healthcare to men, women and children suffering from pathologies of the urinary tract.

The team includes:

  • Dr Christophe Assenmacher: urological surgeon, head of unit, training supervisor (KUL – UCL), robotic surgery and oncology.
  • Dr Jan Benijts: urological surgeon, functional urology, robotic surgery.
  • Dr Pierre De Groote: urological surgeon, urinary lithiasis, brachytherapy, benign prostatic hyperplasia.
  • Dr Benoît Hermans: urological surgeon, geriatric urology, benign prostatic hyperplasia.
  • Dr Sylvain Nesa: urological surgeon, urinary lithiasis, endourology, laser.
  • Dr Sébastien Wese: urological surgeon, paediatric urology.

Paramedical team: 

  • Perineal re-education and pelvic statics: Caroline Delbruyère
  • Clinical sexology: Julie Lambillotte
  • Personalised administrative services: Véronique Cool, Catherine Nève
  • Urological nurses: Anne Penta, Sarah Schildermans

Relying on its extensive experience, the unit works daily with numerous specialists of the Europe Hospitals, affording global and multidisciplinary healthcare to its patients.


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