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U32 (geriatrics)

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Unit 32 is a geriatric unit that can cater to up to 30 patients over the age of 75.
At the end of the corridor, a glass enclosure is at your disposal, during visiting hours. 


You will be cared for by a multidisciplinary team: a geriatrician, nurses, nursing assistants, a social worker, a physical therapist, an ergotherapist, a dietitian and a speech therapist: depending on your needs.
A multidisciplinary meeting is held once a week. 


Your room features a medical bed, an armchair, a refrigerator and a bedside table. The bathroom, equipped with a secure shower, a hair dryer, toilet and two sinks, is at the disposal of the room's two occupants.
A curtain separating the two beds allows for some privacy.
A call system is available, whether you are in bed or in the armchair. 


The menus are prepared by a dietitian, in conjunction with the medical professionals and care team; they are adapted and revised on a daily basis depending on the patients' needs.
Breakfast is served at 8.00am by a competent staff who were trained in food preparation. Some days, volunteers come in to assist, themselves having been trained also.
Lunch is served at 12.15pm and dinner at 5.30pm.
A snack is provided for patients who need it.
Visitors are asked to not eat the food served to the patients, even if they have not finished their meal. The quantities eaten may be part of an assessment useful for the patient's treatment.

Meals provided by hospital catering are suited to your specific needs with regard to your hospitalization. The Europe Hospitals accept no responsibility whatsoever in respect of storage, hygiene or quality of food other than that provided by hospital catering. Thank you for your understanding. 



All rooms have telephone and internet connections. You will receive a personal code for the telephone when you register. If required you should also ask for access codes for the internet at the admissions department. Outside admissions opening hours, please feel free to ask for the access code at the reception. 


All rooms have radio and flat screen television (with DVD player) with a remote control unit in your room. Please keep the volume within reasonable limits out of respect for your fellow patients.


Every Tuesday volunteers from the Red Cross come round with books which you may borrow free of charge.


The post will be delivered every morning to your room. Ladies please ask your correspondents to indicate your maiden name on the envelop. The nursing staff will place your post in the post box at the reception, or if you are capable you may do it yourself. If necessary you may buy postage stamps here as well.


In each ward there is a relaxation area. Bicycles with a screen are also available. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in this area.


If you wish, you may make an appointment for your hair and/or pedicure via the head nurse of your ward.


Your discharge will be decided by your doctor. The social worker will notify you of the date and time of your discharge and will assist you, if necessary, in organising your transport.
She will also help you, where needed, to find a solution for a placement, home-based assistance or other solutions required for effective and adapted post-hospitalisation follow-up.

At the time of your discharge, you will receive all the documents required for your post-hospitalisation follow-up: 

  • discharge summary; 
  • treatment and prescriptions;
  • paramedical reports if necessary;
  • prescription for nursing/physiotherapy care.