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Legal department

privacy policy for the patients

Click here to know more about our privacy and personal information protection policy for the patients.


In our hospitals, as everywhere in hospital settings, patients must abide by numerous regulations. They also have rights, which you will find summarized below:

  1. The right to receive quality service 
    Each patient receives the best service possible, in accordance with the medical expertise and technology available.  Each patient is received and treated with the respect due him/her.
  2. The right to choose a healthcare provider 
    Patients themselves choose the individual they wish to be responsible for their care, and may at any moment opt to consult another specialist.  In some cases, this choice may be restricted by law or existing conditions (e.g. if only one specialist is present in the hospital). Moreover, the specialist has the right to refuse a patient on personal or professional grounds, except in case of an emergency.
  3. The right to be informed about his/her state of health
    The specialist provides the patient with all the information he/she needs to have a good idea of his/her state of health (even if the information is negative), and also informs him/her about the probable outcome of his/her condition.  The patient also has the right to be informed, in advance, of the costs and fees to be incurred by the provision of a healthcare service. How is the patient informed? The information is communicated to him/her orally by the specialist, in a language that is clear and adapted to the patient.  In other words, the specialist takes into account the patient's age, education and capacity to understand.  The specialist will respect the patient's decision if he/she does not wish to be informed about his/her state of health.  The specialist cannot, however, respect the request if the patient's health or someone else's health is gravely endangered (e.g. in the case of a contagious disease).
  4. The right to consent
    Without the patient's consent, no treatment can be started or discontinued.
  5. The right to a patient file
    The specialist keeps in-depth medical records for each patient in a safe place. These records contain personal and medical data. The patient can consult his file.
  6. Right to privacy
    The healthcare provider is bound by professional secrecy.  Therefore, information on the patient's health cannot be disclosed to third parties, unless the patient has designated a healthcare proxy or a representative.
  7. Right to the mediation of complaints  
    Any individual who believes that one of his/her rights as a patient has been violated can lodge a complaint with the relevant mediation service within our hospitals.

Insurance for doctors

All our doctors are insured with the insurance company Amlin.  


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The use of medical data within the hospital

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Legal department
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