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Green Europe

Logo Green Europe


For a number of years, Europe Hospitals has been committed to implementing the best eco-management practices, which were structured and intensified with the creation of a "Green Europe Committee" in 2022. In a year and a half, more than 50 initiatives in favour of the environment have been identified and implemented within our institution.

It is composed of people directly linked to sustainable approaches and meets once a month.



Bannière short LEED

The Europe Hospitals have been awarded the Ecodynamic Organisation Label by Brussels Environment, making our institution the 1st hospital to be awarded 3 stars! This label is official recognition by the Region of our commitment to an ecological approach.


The Europe Hospitals is part of the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH) network. This is a dynamic international community of hospitals, care facilities, health systems and health organisations striving to achieve measurable results by improving sustainability in their facilities while promoting environmental health in their communities.

Logo Réseau Nature Natagora

In 2023, the Europe Hospitals obtained the Nature Network Label from Natagora. This was the first official award for sustainable development and a fine recognition of all the initiatives put in place to promote biodiversity.

Logo Green Labs

Our laboratory has taken another step towards decarbonising healthcare by obtaining the new Green Labs label, making it the 2nd laboratory in Europe to be certified!
This recent label from the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine rewards laboratories that can demonstrate the implementation of numerous sustainable initiatives in their day-to-day practices.

Fondation nature&découverte

As part of our commitment to biodiversity and to promoting it, we have set up interactive nest boxes for observing black swifts.  These will offer the opportunity to observe them using an app and a Youtube channel. This project is the result of a partnership with the Natures et Découvertes foundation
Furthermore, in order to extend the project and continue the protection and preservation of this species, which is currently a protected species, the Europe Hospitals will benefit during 2024 from the additional rounding of the Nature et Découvertes shop in the Woluwe Shopping Centre.


We share with you below the various "green" actions implemented within the Europe Hospitals:


Sustainable PURCHASES

European purchases

When purchasing furniture or equipment, we give preference to European, and if possible Belgian, suppliers rather than suppliers from the Asian market.

Mustela organic baby set

The Pharmacy and the maternity ward have selected a "baby" set of organic products.

This new certified organic range is fragrance-free and vegan. These natural care products, based on organic olive oil from Nîmes, tested for high tolerance and designed to minimise their impact on the environment, can be used from birth and by the whole family.

Hygiene products

The hospital uses Sure (Ecolabel) cleaning products from Diversy and disinfectants from Ecolab, which follows sustainability objectives and has obtained numerous labels.


Belgian products

The Europe Hospitals have to two Belinbox distributors: healthy, 100% local breaks (Belgian producers).

Our non-profit organisation Cosiness (Red Corner, Ovalis, Europalis and Mezzanina shops) focuses on selling local products (from Belgian companies).

Eco-responsibility survey

The Green Europe Committee has invited employees to take part in an initial eco-responsibility survey at the end of November 2022. The aim of the survey is to raise awareness of this issue.


WASTE management

Refurbished ink cartridges

We chose Owa as our (multi-brand) ink cartridge supplier, which organises the free collection of used cartridges and remanufactures them.

Cells and batteries

Once sorted by chemical family, all batteries are recycled. 
The metals and other components are recovered for reuse as raw materials in industry. 

PVC recycling

The Europe Hospitals are working with VinylPlus® on a new project to recycle discarded single-use PVC medical devices. Many of these devices, used only once and for a short time on non-infectious patients, can be recycled.

Old furniture

In response to a great demand from associations, schools and recently from starters, Hu-Bu has developed a "supply and demand" platform through which associations can search and companies can offer used office equipment in excellent condition.

IT equipment

The Europe Hospitals donate their used IT equipment to Out of Use, an environmental company specialised in the reuse and recycling of products and devices.

Recycled needle containers

Our supplier Hospidex has developed a new generation of needle containers. These are made from recycled materials (> 60% reduction in ecological footprint).


WATER management

Water fountain and reusable water bottles

We installed water fountains connected to mains water throughout the institution. We also distributed reusable water bottles.


ISS, our cleaning service provider, pays attention to the environment by using

  • an automatic dispenser for cleaning products (consumption limited to the right amount)
  • microfibre cloths (limited water consumption due to high absorbency)
  • refills of cleaning products (less packaging)
  • Ecolabel cleaning products


ENERGY management

Solar panels

We installed solar panels. We did this in collaboration with "Sun For Schools" (social and educational role in enabling schools to install solar panels).


We have installed a cogeneration system to produce our electricity locally. 

By recovering heat and hot vapours, this method is more environmentally friendly than buying from energy suppliers. 

Building insulation

Insulation of our buildings and replacement of double-glazed windows with the latest generation windows.

Switch Off campaign

The Europe Hospitals ran a campaign called "Switch Off" to combat energy waste within the hospital.

As part of the "Switch Off" campaign, various stickers have also been put up around the hospital.
These stickers set out good practices for limiting our energy consumption.

Campagne Switches down - Brussels Up

The Europe Hospitals are taking part in the Switches Down - Brussels Up campaign in order to commit to a less energy-intensive, but still dynamic Brussels!

More info:


espaces verts

GREEN SPACES & biodiversity

Green wall

We have a green wall in our entrance, with this eye-catcher we show our patients that we want to be a green hospital.


To reinforce our commitment to biodiversity, we have installed an insect hotel at the entrance to the St-Elisabeth site. This hotel is safe for our visitors because wild bees do not have stingers. This project was made possible by BeeOdiversity and the Belgian artist Bernard Cwiek.

Paintings in paediatrics

We inaugurated the Paediatric ward on the St-Elisabeth site, renovated with new paintings of endangered animals.

Thanks to the artist Natacha de Baré (www.homeincolor.be) and to Mustela Belgium, Bioviva and Renewi.



Planting of an apple tree

To mark their commitment to the environment, the Europe Hospitals and the Clinique Saint-Pierre Ottignies, members of the H.Uni network, symbolically planted a tree in their respective institutions. We would like to thank Daniel Hublet, alderman for health in the municipality of Uccle, for coming, as well as the management and our Green Europe committee.



Development of bicycle parking facilities

At each site, 2 cycle parks are available for employees.

Charging stations

We provide our patients and employees with parking spaces with electric charging stations.


Bike Team

Would you like to help improve the cycling infrastructure at Cliniques de l'Europe? Would you like to have your say as a cyclist?
Join the Bike Team by sending your details to biketeam@cdle.be

Home dialyse in an electric car

Home Dialysis (Home Dialyse) now travels by 100% electric car!


The Europe Hospitals participated in the great SquadEasy challenge. The aim of this challenge was to compete with different teams within our hospital to raise awareness about ecology and sport. This included quizzes on ecological issues.

Thanks to our sponsors: TraKKs, Teatower, VinylPlus Med and the Roots shop where we bought our fruit baskets.

Low prices for the purchase of a bicycle

The Europe Hospitals are offering attractive prices for the purchase of a bicycle of the Belgian brand Minerva for their staff members.

sustainable care

Greener Maternity

The "first 1000 days" are the period from the beginning of pregnancy to the child's second birthday. Numerous studies have shown that a baby's body is particularly sensitive to its surroundings during this period.

Find out how the Maternity unit contributes to a healthy and safe start in life for newborns:

  • Longer-lasting nappies containing fewer harmful products
  • The end of the pink box in favour of organic products on demand
  • The use of eco-labelled cleaning products
  • Choosing a Belgian organic breastfeeding tea
  • Replacing products containing endocrine disruptors 
  • Optimisation of bed linen per stay
  • The use of soap and water for cord care
  • Reuse of monitoring belts
  • Reduction of plastic protectors
  • Digitalisation of CTG monitoring results (stop printing)

Green Labs

As mentioned in the various sustainable labels obtained, the Europe Hospitals are proud to announce that its laboratory has obtained the "Green Labs" label, thanks to the sustainable initiatives taken within it.



Joint Statement of Demand for sustainable purchases in Belgian Hospitals

You can find the full statement here. 

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