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St-Elisabeth site - Uccle
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St-Michel site - Etterbeek
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Bella Vita Medical Center - Waterloo
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Interactive equipment at the Reva Care Center!

Interactive equipment at the Reva Care Center!

In rehabilitation, the integration of new technologies plays a crucial role in optimising patient outcomes. Discover four interactive devices available to patients at the Reva Care Center that are transforming rehabilitation by offering innovative, fun and personalised solutions. 

An innovative treadmill that helps patients with walking and balance problems. It is designed for patients affected by neurological, orthopaedic or other conditions.
This tool projects visual cues (obstacles to be stepped over, avoided, slalom, walking slabs, etc.) directly onto the treadmill. The patient is therefore in a situation close to reality.  The wide range of parameters means that treatment can be tailored to the patient's needs. 
A harness system gives people with very limited ability to stand or with restricted support the opportunity to be stimulated without the risk of falling.

This video game console offers fun exercises that are perfectly suited to rehabilitation.
It enables patients to reproduce sporting movements such as stepping, skiing, dancing, golf and basketball.
The exercises on offer provide an overall workout for both the lower and upper body. They help to strengthen muscles, retrain for physical exertion and improve proprioception.

This height-adjustable and tiltable interactive table combines motor and cognitive therapies.
It is fully adaptable to the patient's situation: standing, standing on an unstable support, sitting on a chair, in a wheelchair, etc.
Its touch screen offers a variety of exercises such as visual scanning, attention and concentration exercises, pressure strength, joint amplitude, calligraphy, etc.

Illuminated dots invite the patient to perform functional and cognitive exercises. 
Combined or not with other tools, the therapist suggests specific movements to the patient: change of direction, movement, rhythm, coordination, balance, etc.
This mobile, modular tool enables the therapist to offer therapy that is fun, motivating, personalised and varied.