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Laboratory - new test available: salivary cortisol

Laboratoire - nouveau test disponible : cortisol salivaire

We are delighted to announce that our hospital laboratory now offers salivary cortisol analysis, an effective method of assessing stress levels and hormonal imbalances in patients.

Salivary cortisol has the great advantage of being a reflection of free cortisol. This is because the salivary gland acts as a filter, allowing lower molecular weight molecules such as steroids to pass through while retaining proteins. In addition, salivary cortisol rapidly synchronises with free cortisol levels in the blood, providing a close and accurate correlation. This non-invasive sampling method is made even more convenient by the SALIVETTE® devices now available in the laboratory.

To ensure optimal results, please remind your patients of the following pre-analytical conditions: in the 30 minutes prior to saliva collection, it is recommended that they do not brush their teeth, eat, drink fruit juice or smoke. These simple measures help to ensure reliable and accurate results.

The link to the laboratory compendium is available here. It allows you to print out the sample collection instructions for patients.

It also allows you to view all the information on other analyses and store it on your mobile phone for future reference.