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Contact information

St-Elisabeth site - Uccle
02-614 20 00
St-Michel site - Etterbeek
02-614 30 00
Bella Vita Medical Center
02-614 42 00

The team Obesity Clinic

A significant and lasting weight loss can only be achieved through customised and multidisciplinary healthcare.

Medical check-up – coordination - Medical following 

Dr C. Nachtergal – Doctor nutritionist 


Dr M.-C. Burlacu, Dr I. Pavlina, Dr K. Robyns, Dr M. Van Ypersele

Obesity surgery

Dr Y. Nijs, Dr M. Vertruyen 

Esthetic surgery

Dr P. Castus, Dr S. Boland, Dr S. Djaoudi, Dr Hellers  


Dr M. Fiasse, Dr G. Longheval, Dr M.  Noubibou, Dr G. Paul, Dr L. Ramoisiaux 

Sleep medicine

Dr Th. Van Vyve

paramedical team

Physiotherapy, psychology, dietetics.

Source: Team Obesity Clinic - Last update: 18/01/2020