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Contact information

St-Elisabeth site - Uccle
02-614 20 00
St-Michel site - Etterbeek
02-614 30 00
Bella Vita Medical Center
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The stay in the Maternity ward

practical information

Arrival in the delivery room

The midwife, who is the delivery room manager for the day, is responsible for welcoming you.
She will ensure that you are settled, will ask about your birth plan and perform the necessary examinations at that time.

Click here for more information on how to prepare for your arrival.

The delivery rooms all feature equipment to provide you with maximum support during your labour and delivery.
Ergonomic birthing balls and baths to encourage dilation can be found in every room.

If it is necessary to monitor the baby's heart rate and the contractions, telemetry monitoring allows you to remain mobile during labour.

A delivery room features a bathtub for water birth.
A PC with access to the electronic file and to the central monitoring system is found in each room.

After delivery, you will still remain in the room for some time for observation and post-delivery care. Subsequently, you will be accompanied to the maternity ward.

arrival in the maternity ward

After receiving you in your room and after the initial explanations, you will first and foremost be given the opportunity to have a few moments of privacy and, if possible, a little rest.

Semi-private and private rooms are available.
All the rooms are equipped with a bathroom featuring a shower, a toilet, a sink, a fridge, a television set, a Wi-Fi connection and a phone.

In private rooms, the person accompanying you can be accommodated (at an additional cost). 

how are meals organised?

The mother will receive three meals per day If the mother is in a private room and the person accompanying her stays for the night, breakfast can be served for him/her. Meals provided by hospital catering are suited to your specific needs with regard to your hospitalization. The Europe Hospitals accept no responsibility whatsoever in respect of storage, hygiene or quality of food other than that provided by hospital catering. Thank you for your understanding. 

when are visiting hours?

For semi-private rooms, visits are from 2.00pm to 4.00pm and from 6.00pm to 8.00pm. 
For private rooms, visits are from 2.00pm to 8.00pm. 

what administrative tasks must be performed?

  • On your arrival, we request that you go to the registration desk on level 0 to register.
  • You must register the birth of your child within 15 days. There is on-duty hours of the City's Civil Registry on both sites.

What happens at the end of your stay?

You may leave the maternity ward a few hours or days after the delivery, subject to the agreement of your gynaecologist and the paediatrician.
The normal length of stay in the maternity ward is three nights, regardless of the time of your delivery (for instance, if you were admitted to hospital before midnight but you only gave birth after midnight, you will only have two more nights in the maternity ward). 

For practical reasons, we kindly request that you vacate the room before 2.00pm.

Within the framework of the ministerial policy shortening the stay in the maternity ward, we are still striving to guarantee the best transition possible from the hospital to your home. If you do not yet have a midwife for your follow-up at home, we will seek one out for you and provide her with the necessary information. During your discharge, we will provide you with a liaison sheet to guarantee proper follow-up of your treatment at home. 

my baby...

how is my baby cared for?

We will do all we can to adapt our care to the rhythm of the baby and the mother.
On a daily basis, we care for your baby in various ways (taking temperature, recording weight, etc.) 
Advice will be provided when you are about to breastfeed, bathe the baby and when the paediatrician visits.
If your baby requires phototherapy (in the case of new-born jaundice), it will be conducted in the room.

How should I breastfeed my baby?

During your stay, the midwives will guide you on breastfeeding. We will explain to you the rhythm to adhere to, the different positions, etc.
Please note that a breastfeeding class is provided for you during the prenatal classes. 

I will not be breastfeeding. How should I feed my baby?

Bottles of milk are at your disposal during your stay. And we will explain to you how to prepare bottles for your return home.  

...And me

How am i cared for?

In this area too, we will do all we can to adapt our care to the rhythm of the baby and the mother. As is the case with the baby, we care for you in various ways on a daily basis (obstetric and vital sign monitoring, wound care, etc.) 
You will be visited by a physiotherapist, and an employee from O.N.E. or Kind & Gezin. On request, an osteopath and/or a psychologist may also visit you.